The Dodge Challenger continues the vehicle's long-standing reputation as a stylish and powerful sports car. Make a statement driving the Challenger down the highway or on local streets. Feel the impressive engine's power and appreciate all the many features. Executive Auto Sales in Fresno has Dodge Challenger models available. Shoppers interested in a top sports car should check out our inventory.

Power, Performance, and Design

The Dodge Challenger's engine delivers an incredible amount of power. Buyers have the option to choose different trims to meet their specific needs. The R/T Scat Pack and SRT Hellcat, for example, both offer engines that generate a surprising level of horsepower.

All Dodge Challenger trims feature a sleek and sporty exterior design; it's one that boldly highlights the vehicle's performance capabilities. The Dodge Challenger retains its classic muscle car look while highlighting newer design innovations. Be sure to take a look at the available wheel options, which allow each driver to make their Challenger something personal.

An Awesome Interior

Of course, drivers spend their time behind the wheel, and Dodge worked hard to make the experience enjoyable for Challenger owners. As a large coupe, the vehicle presents ample space for Fresno Dodge enthusiasts. Spaciousness adds to the comfort and presents some help to those traveling with belongings.

The interior dashboard layout puts operational and tech systems within reach. And the specially designed seats fit the body's contours.

Seeking a Safe Ride

One question is bound to pop into any Fresno driver's mind: "What about safety?" Dodge answers that question by revealing the many safety features in the Dodge Challenger. Blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high-beam headlights represent three intriguing safety features.

The design supports safety, too. Look at the high-strength steel used to build the Challenger. Front and rear "crumple zones" work to absorb impact, adding another safety feature.

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